Read Later Services, Part 3: Impact on Your Content

In case you missed it, this series has introduced read later and share later services. Those posts were intended to help you understand how to use these kinds of tools to make the most of your time. Now it is time to look at the other side:

What impact do these read later services have on your content?

Sure, read later services make it easier for you to read on your schedule, but they also mean that people are reading your content away from your site. This means that your material has to stand on its own. But what does that mean?

It’s important to include links to your site to help direct readers to other useful material when they may not see your navigation. By linking to other relevant information on your site you encourage readers to explore your site.

And if your site is focused on conversions, it is imperative that there is a clear call to action in your copy. You can’t rely on the sidebar being there to provide a form or contact information.

Read later services also increase the importance of your title. In addition to introducing the article on your site, it also needs to grab attention in a list of articles marked for reading later. As a user scans through all the posts they have saved, they need to be reminded why your material was worth their time.

And share later services?

Sharing later has another impact: it extends the window where new readers are introduced to your content. Power users with big social followings are increasingly using share later services to spread out their updates. As a result, there may be a delay between when your material is being read and when it is being shared. This can be repeated as new readers discover your content, mark it to read later and then share later themselves.

But this delay can work to your advantage: the longer your content is being actively shared, the more people it can reach. This means that you need to keep an eye on your communities for longer: make time to interact with people that are sharing or commenting on your content, even the older material.

In summary: as time-shifting tools grow in popularity it is increasingly important to make sure that your content stands up well on its own, without the support of your site.

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