The Social Business Wrap | Volume 36: Facebook Updates & Social Customer Service

More Updates to Facebook

More Facebook updates? I know, it’s kind of like the way they keep adding things to the simplest products, like diapers and toothbrushes. How much more can there really be? But, through my series on home based businesses, I know it’s working for ya, so we will continue to keep you updated on all the latest updates to Facebook that you could put to good use to make that extra dollar. FB Photo Comment Update

This week, the big news over at Facebook is that  you can now include images in the comments. While this could get wildly annoying when tons of images are clogging your feed, you can see the potential. Someone asks for a product recommendation, or wants to share their favorite dishwasher and sends an image along so that the poster gets the exact one they are looking for… could be useful. I am sure our marketing team has lots of ideas for ways to use this new little tool.

Facebook is also launching new Graph Tags to make it easier for people to follow their favorite writers and publishers. The Facebook Blog announced the updates on Wednesday, along with instructions for publishers and the documentation process needed to ensure that the proper parties get credit for the work being promoted.

Social Customer Service The Definitive Guide to Social Customer Service

Are you using social media to gauge how well your company provides customer service? Are you using it to directly engage consumers? Does your company have a strategy for using social media to not only monitor the company’s reputation, but as a vehicle for actually providing customer service? Not sure about the answers to any of these questions? Then I would recommend checking out  a publication put out by  Conversocial called The Definitive Guide to Social Customer Service.

According to Conversocial, it’s 36 pages of:

  • Justifying the business case for Social Customer Service
  • Moving from Contact Center to Social Engagement Hub
  • Preparing for the unexpected with escalation and crisis response
  • Understanding Social ROI and how to measure it

If you are looking for new ways to implement social media into your business, this guide is a great start. If you want someone to help you out with getting your social customer service off the ground…you know who to call….
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