Top 5 Free Social Networking iPhone Apps

It’s estimated that upwards of 300 apps are created each day! There’s an app for just about anything. Need help being more productive? There’s an app for that!

I love my iPhone and I’m always looking for the next up-and-coming apps, so in this post I’m sharing the top 5 free social networking iPhone apps for this week: June 24th, 2013.

1. Vine: the best way to see and share life in motion. Create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple and fun way for your friends and family to see.

Vine iPhone AppEarlier this year, we questioned whether brands would embrace Vine or not and it’s clear that Vine is all the rage! According to Simply Measured: Vine’s over 13 million users share at least 1 million videos each day. The mobile video sharing app reached Vine reached those figures four times faster than the uber-popular photo sharing app, Instagram.

Vine supports iPhone 3GS and higher and features unlimited free uploads with easy sharing options to Twitter and Facebook, with more coming soon!
Download Vine for iOS

2., popular among tweens and teens is an interest-based social Q&A app. With over 180 million unique visitors, it’s estimated that each visitor spends on average, 100 minutes per month on It’s been the center of much scrutiny for it’s lack of parental controls and for being what seems to be, the go-to-place for cyber bullying. According to a recent CNET article:

On, members pick which questions, often just statements, they want to respond to. Their answers, which can include photos and video, are posted to their profiles, as well as to a real-time feed of responses. Though hidden from public sight, this stream makes it easy for any lurker with an account to glimpse inside this secret, profanity-laden world where crushes are exposed, Snapchats and Kiks are exchanged, insecurities are latched on to, and bullies go unchecked.

This is one app I have yet to download; however, if it’s still around in a few years, I’ll definitely be monitoring this as a parent!
Download for iOS

3. Kik is the fast, simple and personal smartphone messenger. According to the app itself:Kik

Kik Messenger has become the simplest, fastest, most life-like chat experience you can get on a smartphone with over 50 million beloved fans. But Kik isn’t just about instant messaging. Kik fans are already exchanging videos, sketches, smileys and more, with apps that have been built using our Kik API. And we’ve just introduced Kik Cards, features built in HTML5 that let users search for and send YouTube videos, find and share images, Reddit pics and GIFs, and create sketches and memes – without leaving Kik and without downloading anything new!

The Kik app requires iOS 4.3 or later and users must be 17 years old to download. Download Kik for iOS

4. Facebook Messenger is a convenience app for existing Facebook users to quickly and easily message Facebook friends straight from their mobile phone. With over 111k customer ratings, the Facebook Messenger iPhone app is not surprisingly highly rated at 4+. iPhone users that downloaded this app, have also downloaded, TweetCaster, Showyou, and ChatNow.
Download Facebook Messenger for iOS

5. Viber is a totally free way for users to call and text message worldwide. According to Vibertheir website:

Viber to Viber calls or messages are absolutely free when selecting the Viber badge in your Viber contact list or the button which says ‘Free Call’ or ‘Free Message’ within the contact info of your Viber contact list. Viber does not charge your carrier nor Viber users.  Calls or messages placed from Viber to “non Viber users” will go through your local cell phone provider like a regular cell call. Once you and your friends download Viber you can talk freely, locally and internationally, and these calls will not show up on your phone bill.

Just last month, version 3.0 was released with lots of new bells and whistles for their over 200 million users to utilize. Viber requires iOS 4.3 or later and is rated 4+.
Download Viber for iOS

I’d love to hear your experience with any of these apps. Feel free to add them to the comments…

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