The Social Business News Wrap | Volume 39: Graph Search and Google Webinar

The Social Business News Wrap

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Monday morning will bring yet another change to the ever evolving social media platform, Facebook. In an effort to make advertising easier for brands, and harder to spot by consumers, Facebook will be making an improvement. The newsroom announced on Monday of this week that the update will take effect this coming Monday, making digging around the trenches of Facebook, mining for old content will now be much easier. According to the Newsroom at Facebook the following improvements will be seen:

● Speed: Graph Search is faster – both at suggesting potential searches and displaying results
● Query understanding: Graph Search understands more ways of asking questions
● Results: Graph Search does a better job at showing the most relevant results first
● Interface: The search box is easier to see and use

For more information on how Graph Search will work, Facebook has a handy dandy tutorial page. Check it out here.

Google’s “The New Normal: Brand Engagement in the Age of the Connected Consumer”.

A new Webinar presented on Google’s YouTube Channel, GoogleBusiness, and hosted by  Maya Grinberg presents information on using social media across all channels to promote your business.

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This webinar is very informative. It hits on some truths in the new world of social media…especially the idea that people just don’t believe ad campaigns, government campaigns, or even their own places of worship as much as they believe the words of other consumers and their peers. Referring to the next generation as “Gen C”, Google says that for businesses to get the attention of this generation,

“Their challenge is to create new interactive brand experiences that consumers connect with and want to share. That is the key to ROI, and what we’ll be discussing in this live webinar.”

Key takeaways for the webinar include:

  • Have a social plan for before and after the key moment in any campaign
  • Remain nimble. Know when to plan and plan to react
  • Remember Gen C – they are a different kind of consumer

The webinar is about 50 minutes long, but I really think it is worth the time commitment. They make a lot of valid points about the way to get the attention of consumers amid all the “noise” of brands, social platforms, various mediums.

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