Our Culture at TKG: Work with People You Like

Or at least we hope so. In May I talked about the importance of client relationships, including our take here at TKG. This month I’m touching on our other “people relationships” here at TKG that matter: our people.

Employees are more likely to enjoy coming to work with people they like and respect.  Quality goes up. Efficiency goes up. Overall enjoyment goes up. Not a bad situation all around, if you ask me. As a business, you create a name for yourself as a place people want to work: “Oh man, that place is so cool, I’d love to work there!” Etc, etc.


It’s the easy stuff that can get lost that often means the most.  Taking time to have a quick discussion, asking how the weekend was (and mean it), putting on a company grill out or participating in it (these pics are from a May cookout here), getting smaller groups of employees together for lunch, beer after work, etc. These are things we try to make part of our culture here at TKG.

Last month we did a top 5 Characteristics of a Great Client relationship. This month, we have an installment of a great employee relationship:

  1. Communication – don’t keep secrets. Be up front and clear/transparent in your discussions with the team. Even the hard stuff.
  2. Trust – do the employees trust the company? That the company will make good decisions always with the team in mind.
  3. Engagement – Is the company going to the team for input regularly? What challenges are IMG_6041there? Feedback?
  4. Action – if the team is engaged, are they acting on the needs of the clients/business? Reversely, if they company tells the team they are going to do something, the company needs to deliver.
  5. Growth – is the company challenging the employees, encouraging and supporting them to grow?

Who wouldn’t want to work somewhere other people only *wish* they could work? We feel strongly here at TKG that it’s our people who make the difference. We want this to be a place that people want to work and others wish they could. Don’t you want that for your business, too?



As VP of Operations, Patrick (P-Dub to us) ensures operations run smoothly, clients are happy, AND the light bulbs come on around here. On the blog, he shares his 10+ years of experience helping to oversee a growing tech business.

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