Dave Brown on His New Role & a New Perspective

Dave_BrownIt’s interesting to have the opportunity to see the inner workings of a small company like TKG from more than one perspective.  When I joined the group almost 2 years ago as an Account Coordinator, then Account Manager, I saw a lot of things – many of them from the perspective of the client.

Recently I took on the role of Director of Client Services.  My new job is to manage our Online Marketing & Web Development teams’ resources to keep hundreds of clients moving in a positive direction. It’s been a role that’s been hard to fill at TKG in the past, so I’m looking forward to the challenge.

What a different viewpoint this is! As an Account Manager, all that mattered was delivering what we promised and keeping my clients happy. TKG has always strived to deliver excellent customer service, and I knew what that meant when I was managing client accounts. It meant understanding the client’s goals or requests, reaching out to the team and understanding what it will take to deliver, then asking them to execute upon approval.  Pretty simple right?

The view from the Client Services Director’s seat is quite different.  I now see just how many requests we get on a daily basis, both large and small. They also come from dozens of external and many internal clients.  It’s a real challenge to work with my team to find a way to keep all of these clients happy.

Every client, large or small, feels like they are our only client.  I believe they deserve to feel that way.

I’m now working with a great team of people to find that balance between the right number of clients, and the right communication system to allow us to do just that.  Make every client feel as if they are our only client.

As Director of Client Services, David manages our motley crew of marketers, developers, & designers, as well as all development and marketing projects on a high level. On the blog, you’ll find him spotlighting TKG’s awesome clients and talking general “web stuff.”

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