We’re baaaaack….with an all new look!

You may have noticed The Karcher Group has had an awfully quiet couple of weeks on the blog . Nope, we didn’t quit writing and run off to a tropical island (although that sounds FANTASTIC); we’ve been in the behind-the-scenes process of migrating TKGenius to Innoblogs business blogging software.

Innoblogs is VERY cool and gives us lots more features and flexibility than we had with WordPress. We’re excited! And with just a couple of us managing a multi-author blog that has posts going up almost daily, yeah, we need all the (functional) bells and whistles we can get!

While we were at it, we figured we’d redesign and reprogram everything, too. No biggie. 🙂

We invite you to take a few minutes to poke around TKG’s new blog, read about our authors, read some posts in your favorite categories, subscribe if you haven’t already, and visit often! Oh, and if you’re interested in contributing, we have info on getting that process started, too.

We’ve got lots more digital goodness in store.

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