Social Business News Wrap | Volume 42

Facebook Updates with Embedded Posts

Sometimes I feel like Facebook is a bad soap opera… in more ways than the obvious. Whenever I go to write my weekly social biz wrap up, I am awed by the fact that there is ALWAYS another Facebook update to report that other folks on the web seem to think is utterly substantial and must be reported. It feels like I have just watched Stefano Di Mera die, again.  Or watched Patch and Kayla break up for the gazillionth time. (And I bet you thought no one watched soaps anymore! Actually, I don’t but many people are now able to watch them online!) Why are Facebook statuses so important? Why do they seem like we’ve  have heard it all before?

In actuality, these little tweaks and updates can make a difference to the average user, and to the brands using social to promote themselves, so we’ll keep reporting…This week’s update is more of a convenience, and actually creates a “Pinterest” type if usage of Facebook. If you see a public post you want to share on your site or blog, you can copy the embed code and pop it right onto your site. So, recipes, pictures, statuses, etc are infinitely shareable with just a couple of clicks.  So, brands can use this is many ways…they can repost their own messaging on Facebook, they can embed what is being said about them, share stories, photos, etc that help promote their brand.

As far as users in general are concerned, it will make it easier to share what you enjoy on Facebook, what astonishes you on Facebook, etc, without going to the trouble of having to find the original site or source.

Any embedded Facebook post can be liked and shared right there on the new site. You won’t have to go back to Facebook to like something you’ve seen on a blog, for instance, you can like it right there and the date is reflected on Facebook.

Social TV and Where it is Headed

So, I am sure you’ve heard, we are making television history, folks. That’s right…the era of social TV is here, ushered in by the likes of Netflix, online soaps and championed by none other than actor/ director/ producer, Kevin Spacey. He gave a speech last week – a 45 minute long speech,  detailing where television is headed and how it is making history…changing the way we watch different forms of programming.

If you like Kevin Spacey, you’ll love this, but it’s pretty informative and really, funny enough to make it worth watching all 45 minutes.

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Pinterest – Are You Ready To Make it Work Your Brand?

Pinterest Pinterest is big. It’s fascinating and wonderful and organized and messy, all at the same time. For those with a creative streak, it’s like crack; really, really hard to break the Pinterest habit. This is good for advertisers, but you can’t just be any old ad on Pinterest, you have to be captivating. How do you go about doing that and maintaining your sanity? Well, Social Media Today has a great little article to help you out. Pinning Your Brand: 6 Tips for Choosing Pinterest Board Names

Social Media Today’s Ekaterina Walter shows you how to be funny, interesting, and yes, captivating enough to win over an audience.  Finding the best name for a board can be difficult, especially when everyone on Pinterest is so darn witty. Walter walks you through choosing a name that will get you noticed, and if you are a regular reader of our blog, I am willing to bet these tips sound vaguely familiar:

  • Be imaginative
  • Do your research
  • Be relevant
  • Stay on topic
  • Theme your boards on the top categories ~ and the clincher?
  • Optimize and adapt


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