Visitors Flow – An Invaluable Tool for Internet Marketing

As a web marketing specialist for an online marketing agency, each month I have the pleasure of providing my clients with monthly web marketing reports.  Whether their goal is increasing organic visits, leads or driving traffic to a particular page, I’m responsible for reviewing analytical information and drafting a report explaining the monthly website statistics.

One of the most valuable tools I use to deep dive into online marketing performance is Visitors Flow within Google Analytics. Visitors Flow allows me to see what and when something happened, and helps to conclude why there was an increase or decrease in a particular metric.

Using Google Analytics is a great way to measure your search marketing performance; however, knowing which tools to use can be a challenge. Visitor’s Flow provides great visuals that provide you with great start to dive into your data.

Below are my five reasons why Google Analytics Visitors Flow is an invaluable tool for internet marketing:

1. Visual Representation of Visitor Engagement

Believe it or not, direct, referral and search (organic) visitors all use your site differently. Visitors Flow gives you a better idea of how each type of visitor navigates your site.  Have your conversions dropped consistently month over month? Use Visitors Flow to help determine where conversions are lost.  Bounce rate slowly increasing? Use Visitors Flow to figure out where the drop off is occurring.

2. Better Campaign Performance Tracking

Are you running concurrent marketing campaigns within the same timeframe? Visitors flow allows you to see how people are navigating, or leaving your site once they land on a certain page. Sure you can use the Campaigns report under Traffic Sources; however the information provided is limited.  Visitors Flow enable you to add interactions if needed to further dive into your data.  The additional data can help you determine if one campaign is outperforming the other allowing you to shift resources as needed.

3. Provides a Better View of Landing Page Performance

Often times, clients want us to create landing pages for certain products, services or programs. Using Visitors Flow, we can see if users further interacted with the site or if they decided to leave. If a landing page received 50 visits and a 10% bounce rate (in a perfect world), you want to know where the other 45 visitors went – right? Being able to view how users interacted with your site after the initial landing page, not only helps you get an insight as to the type of content your audience is interested in, but also helps you create better landing pages in the future.

4. Helps Gain an Understanding of Your Bounce Rate

A high bounce rate is never a good thing; however, being able to see where visitors are leaving your site is a great start to lowering your bounce rate. Visitors Flow allows you to see what page users are entering your site and how many are dropping off, or bouncing from that page. PPC campaigns are known to increase your bounce rate especially if visitors are leaving if nothing on the landing page compels them to stay. Take a moment to view all traffic types (direct, referral and organic) and see where each type bounces the most.  A few copy updates and internal links to the right pages can help increase visitor engagement and conversions.

5. Saves Time

Spare time is like gold around the office.  Often times, when viewing analytics and drafting reports, it’s easy to become so bogged down with statistics and numbers that you look too deep into an issue when all you needed to do was scratch the surface. Highlighting and exploring traffic through a certain page or pages will give you the answer you need without having to look through multiple reports.

Google Analytics has multiple useful tools and Visitors Flow just so happens to be one of my top 3. If you need help understanding your Google Analytics reports or want to get a better understanding of your online traffic, feel free to contact us for more information.

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