Why You Should Determine Website Strategy Before You Start a Redesign

“Website Strategy? What do I need that for? Our website is just old and it’s time for a new one.”

We get that a lot. Often, people just want to dive in and design a new website – they may not even really know why. It’s often an order from the top of the org chart as a task to accomplish for the year. Or, someone in marketing finally got tired of looking at the current site and got their budget approved. Often, the reasons are not much deeper than that, until you dig a bit…

Typically, we find that sitting down and asking some questions about their reasons for a new website typically uncover one or many of the following:

  • We need to generate more sales/leads
  • We need to look more professional/current
  • Our branding/look has changed and we need to catch the site up
  • No one is finding us in the search engines
  • The current site does not even represent who we are as a company/organization today

If you’re not working with a professional web company, you’ll probably dive right into the process of building a new site without identifying any of these bullets, let alone putting together a solution.

Building a professional website is no small time or financial commitment, so it pays to do it right from the start, and that includes STRATEGY.

No need to be intimidated by the word, even though I put it in all caps. Your strategy might look something like brainstorming with us to get all the ideas out on the table. Those ideas are then refined to help determine the real reason you need a new website and what you expect it to do for your business.

Once the reason (goal/goals) has been established, then it’s time to put a plan together. Notice all of this is happening before building of the website even begins! Some examples might include:

  • How much main navigation do we need and where?
  • What do we want a user to do when they see the homepage?
  • How should color be used in the design to guide the user easily through the site?
  • What content will we need and where to ensure it’s easy for a user to read and also easy for the search engines to understand the goals and purpose of the site to rank accordingly?

It’s at this point, after questions like the above have been answered and the plan is finalized, that you now can start working on the site design & build with purpose. You’ll have a road map to website awesomeness! Sure, you took a bit more time before just diving in and starting, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the amazing outcome!

As VP of Operations, Patrick (P-Dub to us) ensures operations run smoothly, clients are happy, AND the light bulbs come on around here. On the blog, he shares his 10+ years of experience helping to oversee a growing tech business.

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