Current Web Design Trends

Back in July, I shared some of the outdated web design trends you should make sure your website is avoiding. So what’s trending now-a-days in the world of website design?

Retro Design Trend

History does repeat itself. The last resurgence of a retro feel in design was around 2005. Retro web design characteristics include:

  • period icons
  • vivid graphics
  • skewed-rectangular shapes
  • period color themes (often pale colors)

It’s effective because people, the general populous of which being comprised of an aging demographic of web surfers, have a tendency to associate “value” with old things.

Retro Web Design Examples

Retro Web Design Example: Timo'sTimo’s Air Conditioning and Heating out of Palm Springs, CA, is a nice example of retro design style; however the site is also an example of a site being “over-designed” – weighing in at roughly 2 Megs – whoa momma!

bosstonesMighty Mighty Bosstones, the popular ska-punk band based out of Cambridge, MA, is another example of a website employing the retro web design trend by using the period illustration style and color palette along with the classic skewed-rectangle shape for content areas. This design is a good example of not being “over-designed” although it still boasts a significant download size for visitors (and a splash page).

Authentically Digital Design Trend

The authentically digital design trend represents a flat, two dimensional look that heavily relies on solid background color and plenty of white-space, interesting typography and large format imagery that become (as it should be) the focus of the page. It avoids trying to look like any other medium such as print, 3D or photo realism. Delight in the fact this technique can provide a fast online experience.

Authentically Digital Web Design Examples

The following 3 big brands provide great examples of the authentically digital web design trend:

Authentically Digital Web Design Example: Coca ColaCoca-Cola

Authentically Digital Web Design Example: MicrosoftMicrosoft

Authentically Digital Web Design Example: OakleyOakley

Know of any other great examples of retro or authentically digital website designs? Share with us in the comments…

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