Client Input = A Key Ingredient to Web Marketing Success

We’re a pretty smart group of folks here at TKG. Yep, I said it and I mean it.

Another smart group we work with day in and day out are our clients. Our team works feverishly to get under the hood and learn numerous businesses and industries to support our clients and function as an extension of their team. From higher education to conveying systems to medical spas, we have to learn all the nooks and crannies of our clients’ businesses to succeed.

For the most part though, our clients specialize in one business: their own.

It’s often a discussion we have with new clients: “If I am paying you monthly for web marketing, why do you need to meet with me (or my team)?”


Well, we’re tasked with coming up with great ideas and strategies for our web marketing clients. Only through meeting with our clients and getting their input and feedback are we able to fine tune and narrow our focus. Client feedback helps us get up to speed on their given industry as well as makes sure we are eliminating anything that would not be appropriate to include on the site for their market, business, etc.

In addition to just plain old good feedback and information, meeting/communicating with client teams regularly allows us to make sure we are up to speed and aligned with current business goals, new product introductions, areas of improved focus, etc. The more we know, the more we can plan for and the more value we can add.

It’s a two way street to be successful. Our team will outline the approach and do all the heavy lifting and implementation, but our truly successful clients are engaged in the process with us. It’s an investment in your own success, so who wouldn’t want to be involved!

Besides, we like our clients, and most like talking and meeting with us, too. We even sometimes meet over lunch or a beer. And that’s a win-win, right?

As VP of Operations, Patrick (P-Dub to us) ensures operations run smoothly, clients are happy, AND the light bulbs come on around here. On the blog, he shares his 10+ years of experience helping to oversee a growing tech business.

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