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Is Facebook Your News Source? muppet-news

A recent study done by The Pew Research Journalism Project shows that 30% of Americans get some or all of their news on Facebook. While the study doesn’t claim that Americans actually consider Facebook a news source, it does show that many Americans log into Facebook just as a regular part of the day and wind up clicking through to news sites.

Facebook says it  it was driving 170% more traffic to media sites this year than in 2012.

AIn as much as Facebook is not really to be considered a news source, it does provide some news to users who simply wouldn’t bother to seek it out any other way.

However, the survey provides evidence that Facebook exposes some people to news who otherwise might not get it. While only 38% of heavy news followers who get news on Facebook say the site is an important way they get news, that figure rises to 47% among those who follow the news less often. “If it wasn’t for Facebook news,” wrote one respondent, “I’d probably never really know what’s going on in the world because I don’t have time to keep up with the news on a bunch of different locations.”

If you’d like to learn more about this study, check it out on The Pew.

Making it to the Big Time via Social Media

And finally, this amazing little snippet really reveals the power of social media. The Flickr blog relates a very cool story; Maroon 5 used the key phrase “hands all over” to search for images for the cover of their album of the same title. They came across a self portrait done by British amateur photographer, Rosie Hardy. She had a photo of herself that had been edited to look as though she had hands all over her. Her Flickr page had actually become quite popular due to the style and quality of her photographs.     handsalloverll

The Maroon 5 team contacted Hardy and asked if she could shoot it again, just with a bit sexier pose. Hardy states that she hopped on her parents’ bed and reshot the photo, edited it and sent it back. The Maroon 5 team loved it and made it their album cover – Hardy was suddenly on billboards and posters everywhere the new album was being promoted.

Hardy now has a photography business over her own, with heavy hitters requesting her work, all because of social media. Check her out at on Flickr, she is pretty darn amazing!

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