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LinkedIn’s New Recruitment Tools

LinkedIn was created in part to be used as a recruitment tool, and in that vein has produced a couple of new products to enable employers and HR directors new ways to make this aspect of business just a little easier by expanding some of their services to include mobile support. On October 16th, LinkedIn introduced LinkedIn Recruiter Mobile and Mobile Work with Us.

LinkedIn Recruiter MobileLinkedIn Recruiter Mobile, clearly aimed at recruiters, is free to current customers of LinkedIn Recruiter, making recruitment on the go easier. Now, you get to search for candidates easily while waiting for the doctor’s appointment or for your dinner to arrive, making the most of the downtime you have in your already jammed schedule.

From the LinkedIn Blog:

This new app puts the LinkedIn Recruiter features you love most in the palm of your hand. The end result: a more productive you and better interactions with both candidates and hiring managers. That’s because you can do everything from responding immediately to candidate InMails, to viewing all of our more than 238 million members’ full profiles, to getting hiring manager feedback on candidates – all while out and about. See for yourself:

Mobile Work with Us is another recruitment tool. It allows you to advertise open jobs on your current employees profiles. From the LinkedIn Blog:

One of the best ways to reach passive candidates is Work With Us, which lets you showcase your job openings on your employees’ profiles. Since the most popular thing to do on LinkedIn is viewing member profiles and people love working with people they know, Work With Us is a powerful way to turn your employees into brand ambassadors.

Now your recruitment efforts can go with you wherever your mobile devices take you. Recruiters and candidates alike are no longer stuck browsing jobs and job listings only when they can sit down at a computer. I personally think this will benefit job seekers a bit more than recruiters…I mean, are you really hunting for candidates when you are waiting for the dentist? Admit it, you are reading the newest edition of People just like everyone else…or flipping through Facebook on your phone.

Etsy Logo New Shipping Tools for Etsy

Believe it or not, the holiday shopping season is here, especially for online retailers. Etsy is preparing for a bigger than ever season this year by providing sellers with new options and tools for shipment.

The improvements include linking shipping profiles to listings, along with a bulk editor that allows sellers to change a group of listings at once, rather than having to change shipping on each listing itself. This should of course save the sellers time, and make getting those beautiful, handmade items in time for the upcoming holidays all that much easier.

Etsy Shipping Upgrades From the Etsy News Blog:

Our prototype team members have already been loving the tools. Etsy seller Nottoto has over 1500 listings, and told us, “I have a lot of buyers who will be making last minute gifts, as well as those who will need more supplies than usual, so offering expedited shipping will be a great help in these situations. With this new feature, I can add these expedited shipping services, and within minutes, every listing will show these updates.”  In addition, she plans on using the bulk editor to update listing variations and shipping profiles to reflect both customers’ demands and her production capacity.  XOHandworks added, “The next time there’s a postage increase, it will be so much easier (not to mention MUCH faster) to change just my four Shipping Profiles instead of each of my 700+ listings.”  We hope you’ll find similar benefits with your shops!

For more information on the new shipping tools for Etsy sellers, check the Etsy News Blog. The Etsy blog is also a great place to find new items and great artists.

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