Five Easy Ways to Optimize YouTube Videos

Recording a video and uploading it to YouTube is a very easy process. However, attracting organic visits to your channel and ranking well in both YouTube and Google search results takes a little extra time and effort.

As Google has changed their search algorithm, YouTube’s search algorithm is changing as well. Here are five easy ways to optimize your YouTube channel and videos to increase views, search engine rankings and overall results.

Use Keywords that are True to Your Video Content

We are well aware that keywords are becoming less significant for search engine marketing and that Google’s latest Hummingbird algorithm is now focusing on the intent of the message rather than keywords.  If you don’t think this is going to have an effect on YouTube search results, think again.

Right behind Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine.  Use YouTube’s keyword tool to ensure you are using the right keywords in your video’s title and description.  Don’t try to be clever and include keywords in the title that have nothing to do with your video. Choose the keyword(s) that are relevant to the video’s content. In the example above, the title is keyword focused, true to the content and includes key product attributes.

Optimize Your Video Descriptions

Believe it or not, it is very common to see videos on YouTube that are missing a description. When writing a video description, the first two sentences are the “sweet spot”.  Keep descriptions to 160 characters or less and don’t forget the call to action.

Keep in mind, not all call to actions will be the same.  If your goal is to increase conversions on your site, place a link to your site, or landing page, offering additional information. If your goal is increased subscribers, invite viewers to subscribe to your channel.  Be creative with your call to action. A little creativity can go a long way!

Rename Your Video File

Similar to video descriptions, renaming the uploaded file is a forgotten SEO tactic. Most videos default to a file name of Your video file name should be true to the content of your video.  For example, if your video is about ways to optimize YouTube videos, your file name should be

Add Tags and Categories

Selecting the appropriate tags and categories for your video content will ensure that you are more likely to reach your target audience and your video will be displayed with relevant content. As a web marketing and development agency, we would not want our videos showing up next to drag racing videos.

Choose the most relevant category for your video and use target keywords for your tags.  If there were any keywords that didn’t fit naturally in the video title or description, use them as a tag.  Again, stay true to the video content with both tags and categories. You don’t want to try and trick the good folks at YouTube, they will penalize you!

Optimize Your Playlists

When you group your videos by topic, you will be able to easily drive traffic to them. Videos that are grouped together in a playlist will appear next to each other when being watched.  When you are creating playlists, be sure to use content driven, naturally incorporated keywords in both the playlist title and description.

There you have it – five easy ways to optimize your YouTube videos.  Give your YouTube channel a quick overview and evaluate how well optimized your videos are.  Feel free to share any additional tips you may have in the comments!

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