Google Doesn’t Really Care if You’re Ugly

Google seems to favor the fast and easy type. We’re talking websites here. Google says fast and optimized pages lead to visitor engagement and conversions. Two things The Karcher Group keeps an eye on when offering professional SEO services as part of our online marketing strategy.

Ugly Dog ContestGoogle offers valuable tools for you to look under the hood of your website and perform necessary analysis and optimization. These include the following options:

PageSpeed Insights will identify performance best practices you can use for your website. The PageSpeed optimization tools look to provide a level of automation to the process.

PageSpeed Insights offers up a lot of recommendations and technical guidance that helps you get a lean and mean website. Things to avoid such as landing page redirects and things to consider such as server response time. All of these things aim to optimize the performance of your website.

All of this is great information to use on your site and help rank higher when someone searches for your product or service. The truth of the matter though is once Google serves up your website a human must look at it and actually use it. That’s where good looks (aka. User Experience Design) and a friendly smile can set you apart from the competition.

Good User Experience Design (UX) helps serve up a good experience when customers find your website. It considers how the website looks and how its content is organized, all for the sake of usability and accessibility. UX aims to present things like a human would want to see them as opposed to how a computer would organize and store data.

So, is your website looking ugly? Or maybe it’s real easy on the eyes but still not making sales? Take a look at Google’s tools and then let me know questions. We can talk about design and search engine optimization.

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