Social Business News Wrap | Volume 55

Darth Vader Selfie  darth selfie

Calling all Star wars freaks and geeks, Darth Vader has joined Instagram. Or rather, Star Wars promoters have joined Instagram and their first post was a selfie of Vader himself, no doubt getting ready to promo the newest installation of the series, Star Wars Episode VII.

I think we call all agree that we look forward to more Darth Vader selfies. I mean, what is Instagram if we can’t all enjoy an evil empire that is trying to use social media to promote it’s destruction of the Rebel Alliance, even though they’ve lost a writer and still don’t really have a plot line for the new movie?

Shop Small – Shop Local shop small

Did you shop small and local last Saturday? A lot of people did. Last Saturday was a big shopping day not only because of Black Friday weekend, but also because lots of small business owners joined a growing movement called “Shop Small”. It was a big hit on Facebook, with many small, local businesses doing specials to help promote it. My daughter and I had to hit our local teen resale shop, Drobe, which was participating. We got $10 in store credit for every $20 we spent in the store. Not a bad deal, especially for a small business in a very small town, run by a couple of moms trying to make a few bucks while having some fun. They have managed to really find a good niche in this area, as the ONLY cool place for teens to shop in our entire town. The shops’ owners are making the most of social media to promote the store, and of course, that is where you will get the attention of the teen crowd.

A spokesperson for Facebook shared some stats from Shop Small Saturday with WebProNews:

Mentions related to Small Business Saturday were 1,200% higher on 11/30 compared with the week leading up to it, we’re told. #smallbusinesssaturday was the hashtag with the biggest jump in usage on that day, up 2300% over the daily average in the week leading up to it.

Did you shop small on Saturday? Do you have local shops you make an effort to support? You can learn more about the Shop Small movement at

And Tis the Season for Viral Christmas Carols

Okay, so I am a sucker for just about any acapella performance…I am in awe of people who can do that…but make it one of my favorite Christmas carols? SOLD! Apparently I am not alone in this because these kids, a group called Pentatonix, have over 15 million views on this video. Enjoy.

[Official Video] Little Drummer Boy - Pentatonix


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