This Week in Social Media: Jelly’s Incredible First Week

JellyJelly – The Next Big Thing?

Well, it certainly was this week. Jelly garnered twice as many users in its first three days than Twitter had in its entire first year. Of course, Twitter was early on the social media scene, and really took a little while to gain more than early adopters. That being said, Jelly has been met with a good bit of enthusiasm. Twitter and Facebook both did their share of spreading the word on Jelly, which accounts for the enormous response it got right from the start. According to Jelly:

“Even though Jelly has only been ‘out in the wild’ for one week, people are helping with their own specific knowledge, experience, and opinions. Some folks are just kicking the tires, others are jumping right in with real intent.”

Name recognition for co-founder Biz Stone, who  also co-founded Twitter, probably had a lot to do with the early rise in user accounts, though he warns  that the number of accounts being added would steadily decrease as the novelty of a new platform wears off:

However, an amazing spike like this also means that our numbers will drop dramatically. Jelly will fall off the top free apps charts, reporters will stop writing about us, and we’ll begin the long, slow, organic growth climb that every startup faces. We’ve just arrived at the starting line of our long haul.

Stone also mentioned earlier in the week that Jelly would be getting some new features in the near future, including a search function and reach across a greater number of networks.

TechCrunch reported that in the first week, Jellly was asked over 100,000 questions, but that only about 25,000 of those were answered. Have you used Jelly yet? Were you able to get your question answered?

Also, this happened:

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And while he was at it, he decided to predict what the tech future holds.

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