This Week In Social Media: Pinterest Adds Interests

Pinterest, the much loved social platform of crafters, cooks, artists, travelers, gardeners, hobbiests, fashionistas, browsers and brands, will be adding a new feature just announced this week. The feature will be rolled out in coming weeks and  – an Interest page. Pinterest will begin showing you a page based on the pins you have exhibited interest in on the site in previous visits.

Your Interests Page, which right now is just a preview of what is coming, will basically just be a snap shot of the types of pins you have shown the most interest in during your most recent visits to Pinterest.

For example, I haven’t rPinterest Interesteally used Pinterest much since planning my daughter’s 1st birthday party. As you can see, the page is full of new pin categories, more specific than the broad categories you are used to seeing.  Mine shows cupcakes, party favors and lots of pink.  I think this new tool could be a time saver…if you are looking to save time when browsing through Pinterest, the ultimate time suck of social media. It shows you specific pin categories related to the ones you  have recently pinned or searched, or loved. As you use the tool more and more, it will become more specific to you. For example from the Pinterest blog:

Before today, all the billions of Pins on Pinterest were organized into just a handful of broad categories. So if you were browsing for ideas for your yard, you had to go somewhere like “Gardening” and sift through all the Pins. If you’ve collected lots of Pins that show climbing plants and wall ferns, your interests page might recommend vertical gardens for you to check out.

This is utter genius if you pin for your brand, within specific parameters, because now Pinterest is doing all the work of finding new pins for you. Just check out the Interest page to see what is new for you!

Have you checked out Pinterest Interests? What did you think? Will you use it, or do like doing all the discovering on your own (i.e. – the hard way)?

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