The Truth!

The saying goes something like “sometimes the truth hurts”. Our main goal here at TKG is to help our clients. Help them grow their sales. Help them look better online. Help them say things in a better way.

So our clients look to us as the expert, which fortunately for them, we are!  Looking for guidance online they don’t have currently or that they have been following for so long, its no longer working.

It’s our opportunity and often challenge then with our clients to be brutally honest (often first asking for permission) to give them the truth. Often trampling all over the website their son built for them or that favorite past employee or even better, the ad agency they have been with (and best friends) for 135 years.Truth in Business

We are charged to do the research and digging to help our clients succeed online, not just tell them what they want to hear. This often starts though with a review of what they are currently doing wrong. Not often a favorite conversation.

This leads to another saying “the truth shall set you free!” If you are a business looking for web marketing services, be prepared for the truth – as any vendor worth anything should be willing to give you. The truth in what works. The truth in what does not, and possibly, the truth in mistakes you have made in the past that have cost you business.

Don’t be afraid of the truth, embrace it. After all, it is what you are paying your online partner for and they should be providing if they truly are going to impact your business and goals.

If you still are feeling a bit unsure, check this out –

Share with me in the comments, can you handle the truth?

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As VP of Operations, Patrick (P-Dub to us) ensures operations run smoothly, clients are happy, AND the light bulbs come on around here. On the blog, he shares his 10+ years of experience helping to oversee a growing tech business.

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