Great Design & SEO Are Nothing Without Return On Investment

After working with a different array of clients over the years, and especially after fielding inquiries from business owners and company managers who are shopping web marketing/web development services, I have come to one important conclusion: not everyone who claims to offer web development or web marketing services has the customer’s best interest in mind. I mean, in the world of “website creating and promoting,” I’m not sure if very many companies are speaking the same language at all. And the result of this discombobulation has created confusion among businesses who truly need the services we provide.

So, let’s clear the air and set a path for those who are looking for answers to how they should use the web to promote their business – just some basics to get you on solid footing…

My Website Sucks
OK – you’ve established that your site is not working for your business. It’s old. It’s not catering to the growing web audience who are looking for goods and services on their mobile phones. What should you do? First off, you need a website that will work very well no matter what device accesses it, be it a phone, a tablet, a desktop or laptop. You need what’s known as “responsive design.” A site built with the ability to become 3 websites in one, essentially, will put your company on the path to be able to reach all potential customers with a website that functions well. You get what you pay for, and the best websites cater to visitors with optimum user experience. If you are shopping website quotes by sending out a development RFP, and if it is not including responsive design, your new website will be outdated before it ever goes live.

But, that’s not all – there’s more…

Internet Marketing
Just because you spent some hard-earned cash to create an awesome, well-designed website does not mean customers are going to flock to it or that your company is going to do more business online. You need web marketing expertise. Listen to me – you need to hear this. There are many web marketers out there who offer flim-flam pricing, but their methods, I am finding, do not work. There’s no plan. They typically seem to offer a “one shoe fits all” approach. Ugh.

What to look for? You’ll want a web marketing company that will listen to your company’s goals, first; then, establish a strategy to grow your business. Some things you should think about when considering web marketing agencies are questions like what I have noted, below. If a list like this is foreign to them – run. Do not look back.

  • Who is my potential customer and how can I reach them?
  • Are my potential customers local or national?
  • What is the primary (and maybe the secondary) demographic of my potential customers (e.g. male, female, age, etc.)?
  • Who do I want to sell my products are services to?
  • What is most important to my company?
  • Are my potential customers using social media?
  • Are my potential customers using print or e-mail?
  • What percentage of my potential customers are using smartphones?
  • What are my potential customers actually searching for when they access the web?
  • How do I convert potential customers to leads, sales, once they come to my website?

ROISEO: The Dirty Buzz Word
The acronym SEO (search engine optimization) has become filthy in its use. Yes, SEO is important (and something we do well), but it has come to mean so many different things due to the false promises and claims heralded from fly-by-night companies who do not know true web marketing. Many have spent quick money on SEO for results that never came in. SEO should be but a part of an ongoing, much broader web marketing strategy. It is a component of several approaches – never an end all.

And last, but not least – this is very important:

Website ROI
Our philosophy is that we live and die by ROI at The Karcher Group. We believe we cannot be successful unless we grow our clients’ businesses – we are committed to accomplishing this and will do whatever is industry best practice, honest and necessary to ensure success. So, to us, ROI and relationship is everything.

When shopping for marketing services, you should consider if the web company candidates are going to provide provable results, a measuring stick to ensure your company is getting ROI (return on investment). If there is not a plan in place for your web marketer to provide regular reporting to your company on the progress and growth that has been made through their efforts, then your business is most likely not going to benefit. If they are the real deal, they should be able to provide you with case studies and testimonies from clients whom they have helped.

May web marketing strategy and ROI be your guide – your company’s keys to online success.

Besides serving as TKG’s resident pool shark, Chuck brings a wealth of sales and client service experience to the group. He loves to help clients with online challenges through problem solving and creative thinking, and is kind enough to share those ideas on the blog.

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