Demystified: What’s a Case Study and Why Should Your Business Care?

You’ve probably heard the buzz about how important case studies are to your business, but do you really know what a case study is?

A case study examines a client’s current problem and illustrates how your business proposed solutions and delivered results for that client in an effective way.

OK, that sounds a little stuffy. Let’s put it simply: Case studies show how real people get real results from your services. It really doesn’t get any bigger than that when it comes to an effective way to market your business. Well done, your case study becomes the most powerful tool you have in telling the story of your business and connecting with potential clients. It clearly articulates the effectiveness of your work – so it’s easy for your customers to see and know your value and see how you might be able to work for them. First-person testimonials included in case studies also provide instant social proof of your work.

Once a good case study is made, it not only becomes valuable proof of your successes, but also invaluable social content for you to use in your marketing. We aren’t talking about marketing fluff here ‑ we’re talking about true measured results that make a real business impact and allow you to showcase your work.

Pretty incredible, isn’t it?

It is; and it’s why we take case studies pretty seriously here at TKG. We use them as a content strategy because we know they can help our clients tell their story and illustrate their capabilities in a real-world way. In that same way, we rely on them to tell our own story as well. We don’t promote gimmicks or ploys often used by some in the SEO industry. Why would we, when we have a trove of measured results to showcase? We think our case studies speak for themselves.

For example, check out our SEO success story of Spangler Candy – the maker of Dum Dums. Spangler leveraged our content marketing and SEO services to grow their e-commerce sales year after year.Spangler Candy Case Study

With that kind of success, why wouldn’t you want to use a case study to grow your business? Your results speak volumes about your business. Put them into a case study and let them work for you. We’d love to hear your results.

Darla joined TKG in late 2013 and brings with her extensive experience in content creation and marketing. On the blog, you'll find her discussing content and general online marketing.

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