One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Being with TKG for almost 14 years, I’m still amazed at how many people we talk to are fascinated at our approach of 1 size doesn’t fit all when it comes to building a quality site. I guess after seeing boxes like WordPress, Drupal, SiteCore, Sharepoint, and so many others that want you to change the way you work in order to work with them, an initial reaction to TKG’s “What are your needs” approach can easily be met with a “Yeah right”.  Did you notice that first sentence?  Being with TKG for 14 years means TKG has been around long enough to prove this strategy works.Content Management Systems

One of our primary goals when we developed Apoxe was to identify what I call the 80%. Every CMS needs to add/edit/delete data in a database, and also apply a look to it on the front end.  So, we built intelligence to handle that core functionality as our platform, but we didn’t stop there.  No two companies have exactly the same data, so to keep the cost of customizing our solution to your needs down, Apoxe was built to figure out the data that is in the database and change itself to match that.  How we do that is super top secret and to show you what we mean, you’ll need to stop by for a demo (hint hint)!

An example of how we can build off that 80% starting point would be our great clients at Malley’s Chocolates. The goal of their website is to sell chocolate.  Founded in 1935, they obviously had business procedures and flow of data in place when they came to us to take them to the next level online.   The initial meetings revealed that not only will they need our product module tweaked a bit, but they’d need entirely new modules built to handle their busy spring fundraising season. Malley's Chocolates

Working closely with the team, we were able to integrate their MAS500 system to the site and allow 2 way flow of customer data, web order data, and product pricing and inventory data.  To handle fundraising season, and give individuals an e-commerce platform all their own, we constructed a robust campaign / organization / participant  back end that tracks Suzie, who is selling for ABC School, has sold $500 on her personalized site. Try doing all of that with WordPress.

Those boxed solutions either cram ecommerce down your budget or they provide no intuitive way to showcase products. was in need of making their catalog of products discoverable, but didn’t need ecommerce.  Again, the flexibility of our CMS was utilized to build a filtering system that showcased items without breaking the budget and starting from the ground up.  Harris Battery

Our approach of fitting to what you want to do online is a big reason why TKG has become a leader when it comes to building an online presence.  It’s the reason that our customers stick with us project after project because they’ve seen that TKG really does have their best interests in mind and can execute a complete strategy to back that up.

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Dan’s our web programmer-in-chief, specializing in “back end” systems like Apoxe, our own custom content management system. He’s also a pretty funny guy – if anyone could make “trends in web programming” interesting, it’s Dan.

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