The Real Deal: Why You Should Ask Your SEO Firm for Their Case Studies

Why should you ask an SEO firm for some case studies before hiring them?

Well, there’s the obvious. You want to see their successes, and how they were achieved. But more than that, you want to know if they really know what they are doing.

For example, it is not all that uncommon to see case studies posted on an SEO firm’s site, but it might be a little vague. It doesn’t mention the company by name or some other irregularity. This could be a red flag for you. So a few questions you should ask:

  • What company was the subject of this case study? (Then follow up on your own – make sure it is a real company.)
  • Who is your contact at the company in question? Can we call for a reference?
  • Was the work done in house or contracted out?
  • Does the case study list the tactics used to generate results?

These questions should give you a pretty good idea of whether or not the firm is up front about their business practices, if they really know SEO, and if they really know their client.

Take a good look at their case studies and do your own homework. Look up the company, even the contact. You want to make sure both are real. You never know ‑ we’ve come across more than one phony case study while doing our own research.

Asking for a reference is always a good idea. Most firms will want to provide you with the chance to hear about the great work they did. It goes without saying this will ensure that the SEO firm actually did the work and that the company was pleased, or at least satisfied.

Determining whether the SEO work was done in house or contracted out is a bigger deal than it might seem on the surface. You want to know that the firm/person doing the work understands the goals of your business. Hopefully, if you have a web presence, you have a goal for your site and have a pretty good idea of what you want to achieve. If the work is contracted out, some of that gets lost in translation. It also could mean that the same person or firm who did all the great work on the case study company won’t be the person doing the work for your company.

If you’ve been engaged in the web long enough, you know that there are SEO tactics that are good ideas and some that aren’t so great. Make sure that the SEO firm you hire has outlined how they approach SEO, and that they don’t make any kind of huge promise of traffic, sales, etc. No one can promise those things; but good, solid SEO and all that entails will certainly get you headed in the right direction. A good case study will tell you what tactics were used and what impact they had.

In the end, due diligence here will serve you well, just like in every other aspect of your business. Read up on the case studies before you decide on a firm. Take a look at some of TKG’s case studies.

Do you have a great or phony case study that you’d like to share? Post it in the comments ‑ we’d love to see it too!

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