Welcome Online Marketing Specialists, Chellsea and Daniel

We’re excited to announce the hire of two new Web Marketing Specialists: Chellsea Mastroine and Daniel Bridenstine.

Chellsea Mastroine, Online Marketing Specialist Chellsea and Daniel each bring a strong business skill set as well as a wealth of experience in web marketing.

Chellsea most recently managed an e-commerce site for a large company, where she had a chance to really dig into web marketing. She specializes in e-commerce, web marketing strategy, SEO and Google Analytics & AdWords.

Daniel previously worked in web analytics and marketing for a software provider/web design company. He specializes in lead generation, PPC marketing and landing/conversion page optimization.

Daniel Bridenstine, Online Marketing SpecialistWeb Marketing Specialists at TKG support the role of the Strategists to put effective web strategies in motion through tasks such as on-page optimization, link building, content marketing, research, documentation and more.

“A big part of the role of web marketing specialist is to be able to understand the business and marketing goals of our clients and interpret and implement them effectively through online marketing tactics,” said David Brown, Director of Client Services. “Chellsea and Daniel both have the background and capabilities to not only reach those goals, but exceed them. I am thrilled they have joined our team at TKG and I know they will do great work for our clients.”

We’re always on the lookout for talented web folks. Check out our open positions and apply online.

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