Parallax Scrolling & SEO

It is always good to make your site as attractive as possible; however, it’s important that you consider the internet marketing implications and affects on SEO efforts when implementing the latest trends. Here are a few suggestions if you want to implement parallax scrolling.

  • Utilize it on one page of your site that has sub-pages that are not likely to be landing pages.
  • Make sure to have ample text content under each section.
  • Make sure that the page you are using parallax on is not too long. I recommend only having 2-4 sub-pages on a parallax page.
  • Optimize images so that they are web ready
  • Use alt tags on all images so that Google can recognize the images.

Use as a Supplement to Your Standard Website

There are also very rare instances where an established brand will launch a featured product that they want to highlight. It can be very effective to utilize parallax scrolling on these sites. This is effective because the person has already most likely came to the parent company’s site and they are already interested in the featured product. This means that grabbing the attention of the viewer is the primary online marketing goal instead of getting organic traffic for that featured product. Take a look at this example.

Mercedes Benz Parallax Scrolling

In this example, we know that Mercedes Benz is the parent company of this particular semi-truck. Their main site also contains information about this particular truck that is presented in a way that can be beneficial to search rankings. They are primarily using this site as a brochure that will grab the attention of potential customers after they are already interested in Mercedes Benz.

Both of these scenarios are good ways to implement parallax scrolling. We look for more methods and scenarios to arise in the coming months as Parallax scrolling continues to pick up more steam. Share your experience in the comments…

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