Unique Content for Product Descriptions: Why it Matters

Unique content for product descriptions is important for a number of reasons. The most important reason is that you want to deliver valuable content to your visitors. If you are doing your best to create content that answers their questions about your products, you are already a step ahead of the game.

A secondary reason, is that unique content helps feed the search engines. Providing searchable, fresh copy, optimized for the keywords that your audience uses will help you gain visibility, reach your audience and minimize the chance that Google or another search engine will see your site as nothing but the same as everyone else. While Google does a pretty good job of addressing sites with duplicate content, your goal should always to be to provide helpful, useful content to visitors. The side-benefit is that you make Google happy, too!

Avoid Duplicate ContentSo, how do you avoid duplicate copy? It’s really pretty simple. Don’t copy and paste information from other sites – not even important information from manufacturer websites about your products. Rewrite the important information provided by manufacturers in the voice you have used to promote your brand. Don’t change the facts, but do limit the amount of word for word copying.

Unique content for product descriptions will do a number of things:

  • It will give great product information to potential buyers.
  • It can be written to YOUR target audience, which may not be quite the same audience as the manufacturer.
  • It will help increase the visibility of your products, potentially bringing in more traffic.
  • It will lend credibility to your site and your brand.
  • Writing your own unique product descriptions allows you to create uniformity across your site. When you have widely varying writing styles on one site, it looks unprofessional. It also allows you to add your brand’s voice/tone to the product.
  • Using the right content for your audience will set you apart. Plenty of sites use the manufacturer’s product descriptions. But do you really want to be one of many, or do you want to make your own mark and show how your company is better, faster and more reliable?

Are you still using manufacturer’s content on your website? If so, we can help with that!

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