LinkedIn Hits 300 Million Members

Last week the folks over at LinkedIn announced that they had hit 300 million members, with 100 million of those being Americans. That’s pretty impressive, given that it is a social media site intended strictly for businesses, job searches and career building.

With this announcement, they included a video that depicts their vision of helping the world’s 3.3 billion workforce.

We all know (or should at this point) that your LinkedIn profile is possibly even more relevant than your resume (and infinitely easier to update) but do we all look at LinkedIn as the gateway to our careers? According to the latest statistics, you should.

From the Official LinkedIn Blog:

As we’ve grown the value we deliver to our members has increased, the way they use our products has changed and our membership has become more diverse. The below infographic gives you a visual picture of how our network of professionals has grown and evolved over the last five years.

Reaching 300 million members is a milestone on a journey, and we know we still have a long way to go.

LinkedIn 300

Have you kept your LinkedIn profile up to date? Do you use it when scouting for talent, or looking for a job change?

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