This Week in Social Media: The Power of Social

Here at TKGenius, it is part of our mission to show you the power of social and how it can help your business grow. You know the social can be a powerful tool. You probably know that the main social sites grow exponentially every second.

Pennystocks LabThis week Business Insider reported on a new infographic developed by Pennystocks Lab. Pennystocks is a research firm specializing in small-cap and OTC stock market picks. They have come up with an animated infographic that demonstrates how we use the web, and specifically social media, second to second.

Did you know that 22574 GB of data is uploaded to the web on various social media sites every second? Did you know that Amazon sells $141,050.00 worth of goods every minute? This infographic shows how many tweets are tweeted, how many hours of Netflix are watched, how much data is uploaded to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and more. If you have ever doubted that you need a strong social media presence, I promise, this infographic will correct your thinking.

Click the image to open the interactive version (via

How much of that data are you contributing to social media every second? How much of your brand do your users view in this sea of information?

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