Building a Strong Brand on LinkedIn

building a brand on linkedinLinkedIn is a powerful tool to display your company professionally. But it should also be used to expand your follower and fan base, release company news that might not fit well on your other Social platforms and recruit from the diverse and talented group of professionals that use the platform.

It is important to put thought into your brand’s logo, description, connections and external links on LinkedIn. A LinkedIn profile is a snapshot of your brand and can often be a prospective client’s first impression.

But why use LinkedIn for your brand in the first place? LinkedIn offers several benefits for companies, including:

  1. B2B Networking: Find and vet new vendors, suppliers and manufacturers, connect with partner companies or organizations and simply keep an eye on the competition
  2. B2C Networking: Build your brand, add a different facet to your brand, increase likability and trust through transparency, product promotion
  3. Lead Generation: Network with possible consumers through an optimized profile and robust product and services descriptions
  4. Staffing: Find and recruit qualified active and passive candidates
  5. Customer Satisfaction: Interact with customers on a one-to-one basis, such as through conducting surveys, answering questions or solving customer complaints or problems
  6. Promoting Corporate Culture: Connect with employees and leverage employees to interact with the page, share stories, accomplishments or awards and show the human side of the business

LinkedIn is so much more than a simple “digital business card.” It is a valuable way to promote your company to thousands of customers, build your brand, and promote your company’s culture.

When building your company page, first think through why you’d like to leverage LinkedIn for your brand. It can be for any of the reasons listed above, but having a good idea of what you’d like to accomplish will help you begin to build a strong brand on the platform.

Next, match the overall look, tone and feel of your brand as closely as possible on the platform. No need to re-invent the wheel; use images your customers and employees are already familiar with and can easily recognize.

But beyond creating a consistent profile that matches the look, feel and tone of your brand, there’s more. Frequent, consistent posting helps companies build their audience on LinkedIn while also giving followers a “behind the scenes” look at their business. Showing this angle to your business, as well as adding showcase pages or posting current job openings, lends to a feeling of transparency to your company, which can be an excellent way to attract new customers and bolster your overall brand.

Just remember, LinkedIn might be a platform dedicated to business, but it is still a Social platform. So think through how customers or employees might want to socially interact with the “business side” of your business. You may not want to post your latest press release in its entirety, but you might want to post a quick snippet with a photo that then leads to a link on your website. Think in small snapshots, and your followers will be grateful.

Are you currently building your brand on LinkedIn? What tactics have you found helpful?

Sarah is a TKG Content Strategist, a veteran blogger of love, life, and unicorns since way back in 2001. On the blog, you can follow her thoughts on content marketing, corporate identity, how to story-tell effectively, and yes, the occasional unicorn.

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