Google: King of the Cloud

With Google, Microsoft and Apple all vying for the dominating space in the Cloud, it can be difficult to choose which is best for you. I can’t tell you which one you MUST go with or that you NEED to have. What I can tell you is that, for me, there is one clear winner.

Welcome to the Google Cloud! It’s nice here. It’s comfortable. It’s … easily accessible. Oh, and it’s free (if you don’t need more than 15GB of storage space for certain applications).


One of my favorite things about Android is how Google-based it is. In fact, Android is made by Google! Android is the best. Android is perfect for the Google Cloud too! It allows you to use all of your Google applications on your phone or tablet seamlessly!

Moving on to Google’s Cloud dominance. Even at a base level, Google offers the most comprehensive cloud services. Google Drive offers all of the productivity-based applications, such as Documents or Spreadsheets. I have used all of these in some manner or another. The bonus to this suite of productivity applications is that you can export them all into pretty much any format you may need.


This is pretty self-explanatory. Basically, you can write a document. You can format a document. And do all of those other document-writing functions you might want. Not only that, but I can switch back and forth between writing a document on my computer and editing it on any of my Android devices.


These are perfect for any formula or organizational projects you may have. Personally, I use these when I am planning out SEO tags for a website or while doing some sort of lengthy research report involving percentages and comparisons. This is also available on Android devices.


We have reached what is possibly the most successful application that Google has ever rolled out. Gmail keeps us at finger’s length from our email. And 15GB of email storage space to boot (this storage is separate from the Drive storage)! Gmail is the most intuitive and user-friendly email application around. Oh, and Gmail runs great on Android.

Google Chrome

Google developed what is by far my favorite internet browser. You might think I’m pre-set to use Chrome since I use everything else by Google, but I started using Chrome before I had anything other than a Gmail account set up. Being able to transfer my bookmarks, tabs and browsing history via my Google account is great. If I have bookmarked on my desktop and need to bring it up at lunch, I still have the bookmark available to use. There’s a wonderful Chrome app for Android too!

Everything Else

Google has gone above-and-beyond in making apps, features and various functions that are all designed to help. The Play store offers adults and children an immense library full of apps and books to keep us all entertained. Considering how much of a mobile world we live in, such availability of entertainment is paramount.

Obviously these are all surface-level summaries of the applications that Google offers to us as consumers. I started using the Google Cloud applications out of a desire to not pay for other application suites. The ability to jump from device to device and not miss a beat is of utter importance. Everything is faster and it will keep gaining speed. Google is helping to pioneer the concept of a complete cloud. It’s a cloud where you can hold meetings, share documents, finish projects, communicate, market, play and live.

I don’t know if the cloud was in Google’s original plans, but I wonder what the catalyst of their cloud formation was…

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