This Week in Social Media: Should Facebook Suggest You Unfollow Pages?

Should Facebook suggest you unfollow pages? Have you noticed that Facebook has started asking if you want to unfollow pages as you scroll through them in your newsfeed?

As if people didn’t already know they could unfollow pages, now the option is right in front of their face – and the dreaded unfollow is just one click away. reported the new practice is a test by Facebook.

The worry for marketers, of course, is that the test will become permanent and pages will lose even more visibility in newsfeeds.

The reason it matters to you? Your posts need to be primo – top notch and on-target every time – in order to retain your fans. More than ever, brand posts are going to have to matter to fans, so make ‘em good! Posts will also need to reach out to fans in more substantial ways than, “Like and Share if you agree!”

Why? Because you need interested and engaged fans.

It all boils down to what is more important: visibility or engagement?

Visibility vs. Engagement

Some think that having inactive fans unfollow a page could be a good thing. They may have followed the page to win a contest, get a coupon or whatever, but there was not further engagement after that time. Having them unfollow enables a brand to target and reach a specific audience that they know is interested in their products.

On the other hand, many brands may take less followers as adding insult to injury after also watching their organic reach decline rapidly over the last several months. The visibility they feel like they have built up in their fan base may now begin to decline as well.

Many companies, especially smaller businesses, have had to work hard for each and every “Like” or “Follow.”

Fans, on the other hand, are often glad to “clean up” their newsfeed and drop brands they don’t want anymore.

So what’s your take? Will this invitation by Facebook to “unfollow” pages result in a decline in visibility for brands? Or do you think it will it just foster engagement with those who are truly interested in the brand?

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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