Why you need a case study (the answer may surprise you!)

you need a case studyI’ve been working with a few clients recently that were having a difficult time figuring out what to add to their websites.

They each had good descriptions of their products and the services they offered, but were hoping to get even more out of their website. New content is a great way to build up a site, but sometimes it isn’t easy to develop and execute new ideas.

This is where I often recommend adding a case study.

As a very simple introduction, a case study should include these four elements:

  1. Background: This is your chance to setup the story and explain what is going on
  2. Problem: Explain what is causing the pain. Often the problem is that something is broken or because it doesn’t work well enough in the situation (which you have explained in the background)
  3. Solution: This step allows you to show how your product or service addressed the problem.
  4. Impact: It all comes together in this step. This is your opportunity to really sell the value of solving a problem with your solution

One of the key elements to note about a case study from an online marketing perspective is that it gives you a chance to talk about the problem.

Why is that a good thing? Because many times potential customers may not have any idea that your solution exists. So instead of searching for things that you sell, they are looking online for information about the problem they have. Search engines are pretty amazing, but they still have a hard time matching a search for a problem with a solution.

This is where case studies come in to play. A good case study will connect the dots from the problem someone else is experiencing to the solution you have to offer.

Interested in adding a couple case studies to your site? Check out our post on the 5 Things you Need to Know when writing a business case study. Or, even better, contact TKG to see how we can help with your specific needs.

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