Advertising Agencies Are Not Web Experts

There seems to be some confusion out there in our industry. Oh, the pain.

Is it any wonder that businesses looking for a new website are sometimes confused or frustrated by the process? And rightfully so, after what I’ve been hearing about what some advertising agencies are doing to their clients.

Agencies Are Struggling to Adapt

It is no secret that the advertising world has changed. Back in the day when print was king, advertising agencies ruled with fantastic design, creative ideas and expertise in branding through use of different print channels. But times have changed; and now, the traditional agencies are trying to reinvent themselves by claiming to be experts in web development and web marketing. How do I know this? I often deal with the aftermath of the havoc that some have brought upon their unsuspecting victims (er, clients).

Agencies aren’t usually adequately staffed to build and support websites. If they need to build a site for a client, they typically rely on resources outside of their agency for website programming, coding of pages and maybe even design. What tends to happen with this lack of a team approach, though a beautiful-looking website may come out of it, is that it can quickly become disjointed with no web marketing strategy to support it. There’s no real plan with substance, you know?

And if there needs to be complicated programming, will the advertising agency that is great at print, billboards and bus wraps be able to find the skillset to deliver the technical know-how? It’s a coin toss.

TKG has a unique approach to the web that allows our clients to stand out in the digital space with a beautiful, functional and well-strategized website – and we’ll be here to support it long after launch.

tkg difference

More Questions: Traffic and Hosting?

How will search traffic be impacted when your new website replaces the old site? Will your traditional advertising agency know how to preserve search engine rankings (e.g. web traffic) so that your business does not suffer the consequences? And who will host the site? Some third party company, no doubt.
If your business or organization has a website, that means you are looking for traffic, and most importantly, leads/sales from it. If that is not the key motive behind every decision in creating a new site, it’s a safe bet your site may look good but do nothing for your business.

Account Manager Offer: Can We Help You?

Often we are solicited to help companies with web marketing and web development after they have had their website built and launched by an advertising agency. We can improve your website to best speak to its audience, present the most important information, grow traffic and boost leads/sales.

Do you have a beautiful website that isn’t producing results? We can fix it! Give me a call and tell me about what isn’t working on your current site.

Besides serving as TKG’s resident pool shark, Chuck brings a wealth of sales and client service experience to the group. He loves to help clients with online challenges through problem solving and creative thinking, and is kind enough to share those ideas on the blog.

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