Google Analytics Basics: Sessions vs. Pageviews

If you’re just starting to learn about Google Analytics, knowing the difference between pageviews and sessions is important.



  • Sessions were referred to as “Visits” until early April 2014
  • A session is recorded every time a visitor visits your site.
  • Each site user can account for multiple sessions (if they come back, for example, they become another session)
  • Analyzing where sessions originated (direct traffic, a referral or from a search engine) can provide insight into how well your site is performing
  • This data is found under the “Audience > Overview” tab.


  • A pageview is recorded every time someone visits a “page” on the site.
  • Pageviews always report a higher number than sessions because each session can account for multiple pageviews
  • Analyzing pageviews is a good way to see what pages on your site your audience is most interested in, and how well they are able to navigate through your site.
  • Pageview statistics can also be found under the “Audience > Overview” tab.

Users, by the way, refer to the unique visitors to your site. So, in a perfect world, you’ll have a high number of pageviews (people looking at multiple pages on the site), a somewhat lower number of sessions and a somewhat lower numbers of users (because hopefully some of your visitors are repeat visitors! They found enough on your site that it was worth coming back!)

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