Google Analytics Basics: What Devices Are Your Site Visitors Using?

Knowing whether your visitors are using a smartphone or desktop computer to browse your site is an extremely important piece of information. Analyzing device data in Google Analytics can provide you with helpful insight regarding how you should lay content out on your site as well as how it should be developed.

Want to know how to get this data? Follow these quick steps!

  1. Login to your Google Analytics account and go to the profile you’re interested in viewing.
  2. Click on the “Audience > Mobile > Overview” tab in the left hand column. This overview tab will tell you whether your visitors are using a desktop computer, mobile phone or a tablet.

If you want to dig deeper, click on the “Audience > Mobile > Devices tab in the left hand column. This devices tab will break down the mobile traffic down by specific device, i.e. iPhone vs. Droid.


Once you know what devices visitors are using to access your site, you can make smarter decisions about what kind of information might be important to them and how to best lay it out. TKG believes that all sites should be designed responsively, so that no matter what screen size or device someone is using, they will have the best possible experience on your site – and this data can help you figure out what that best experience is.

Want to learn more about Google Analytics? See my previous post on Sessions vs. Pageviews, and stay tuned for more great tips! Prefer an in person session? Join us in person at TKG’s Google Analytics Basics Breakfast Bootcamp on August 21st . Click here to register for this FREE session! I look forward to meeting you!

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