Advanced Google Analytics: Understanding Conversions with Funnels

Conversions are arguably the most significant aspect of Google Analytics – if you aren’t measuring conversions, why do you have a website? But that is a sermon for another day. Let’s assume that you are measuring conversions, what is the next step to understanding the flow of traffic on your site? Funnels.

goal funnelsFunnels or Goal Steps are a way to identify not just the goal or conversion, but the steps that lead to a conversion. For example: let’s say your have a 3 part form that you use to collect leads. The goal is to get people to complete the form, but equally important: why aren’t people completing the form? By adding goal steps for each section of the form it becomes easy to see how many people are lost at each step in the process. This can be very helpful in deciding which steps in your process are worth keeping and which ones should be eliminated – or at least improved.

Another use for funnels can take advantage of the “Required First Step” setting. If there are two goals that share a final step, for example you use a single form for quote requests, but it is accessed from two separate page, each targeting a different industry. By setting up separate goals, each with a required first step of an industry page, Google Analytics would divide the form completions based on which industry page they came from, helping to align your reporting with your goals.

And now for the clever combo move: in my last post I talked about virtual page views, specifically as a way to track forms that open in a lightbox. By adding the virtual page view as a funnel step, it is easy to see what percentage of visitors completed a form after opening it.

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