Are You Using Twitter’s New Analytics?

Ever wondered just how much of an impact your Tweets have? Is anyone REALLY listening? Are they even doing the basics, like checking out your profile?

Now every Twitter user has access to this information and more. Originally rolled out for verified users and marketers, is available for all users who want to see how well their Tweets perform.

The new dashboards are a little like Google Analytics for Tweets, allowing users to drill down into each individual Tweet to see how it performs on the platform. Take a look at how many impressions your Tweets earned (the number of times users saw the Tweets on Twitter), the number of engagements (the number of times a user interacted with your Tweet), and the engagement rate (the number of engagements divided by the number of impressions).

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics 2

The data also shows demographic information about your followers. Check out the gender breakdown of your followers, their location and interests, and who your followers follow to give yourself better insight about your community on the platform.

While cross-referencing this data with other tools like Google Analytics, BufferApp, Hootsuite or Simply Measured will give you a more complete snapshot of just how well your content is performing, this is a good step from Twitter to allow users the chance to craft a more strategic approach to the platform. As a bonus, use the same dashboard to set up Twitter Cards and really boost the media experience for your followers and customers.

Check out and let us know what you think!

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