Have You Considered Colocation?

Colocation ServerFirst, is it colocation, collocation, co-location?

Just spelling the word often poses a challenge! But, what is it?

Colocation is a server hosting option that might be a good fit for smaller businesses that don’t have their own IT infrastructure or want the headache of implementing and maintaining a server.

It allows you to essentially rent space in more robust environment that typically contains large amounts of bandwidth, redundant power, dedicated cooling, etc.

At TKG, we are fortunate enough to have our own data center within our walls. That’s pretty unique for a business our size in our industry. With our colocation services, you can provide your own server or we can even spec one out for you to meet your needs. Either way, you own your equipment.

You then rent the amount of rack space needed in our data center to fit your server(s). We provide the power and the required bandwidth for your needs.

An added benefit of TKG colocation services is that we also have a dedicated IT staff to facilitate set up and maintenance for you, if needed. Often customers looking for colocation not only don’t have the physical resources to support their server, they typically do not have the staffing resources either. This makes TKG a great fit to partner with these businesses to help out in that area.

Some uses of colocation are:

  • To support high-use/high-demand websites and related applications
  • Offsite backup of data to ensure protection
  • Hosting of software applications remotely

Do you think colocation might be a fit for you? If you are currently hosting your website on a PC under someone’s desk or back up all of your critical client and business files to a jump drive, a colocation solution might be a good fit for your business.

Let us know if we can answer any questions for you or if you want more information about colocation.

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